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by Jaro Kose

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With the Watch-Tower, you can rediscover the timepiece you already own.
Instead of hiding your watch away in a drawer or under a pile of clothes, display it in style with this ceramic holder.

With the Watch-Tower, you can rediscover your watch and make it a part of your
daily life. It’s a unique addition to any space, perfect for anyone who wants to show off their watches and add a touch of style.
Don't let your watch hide away- show it off with the Watch-Tower!

The Watch-Tower is made entirely from glazed natural clay, a technique that has been well-known for nearly 30,000 years.
Each model is hand-made, resulting in unique wavy sides that make each piece a one-of-a-kind work of art.

Watch video about the Watch-Tower.

6,5 x 5 x 17 cm / 2,5 x 1,9 x 6,7 inch
Hole diameter 28mm / 1,1 inch
For watch faces 28-32mm / 1,1-1,25 inch

Glazed ceramic
Recycled foam

Watch not included
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